I first began looking into the culinary arts about five years ago. At that time, culinary school just wasn’t in the cards for one basic reason, finances. Over the last five years, with the help of friends and colleagues, I researched and learned more about the culinary world, the American Culinary Federation and began gaining some culinary experience. Finances are still a bit sketchy, yet circumstances have changed.

Simply stated, mediocrity and failure are not options.

My long term career goals include becoming a food consultant and attending Medical School. Short term goals include starting and finishing my culinary education, obtaining more culinary work experience, continuing to learn and blog about food/nutrition and finding a mentor.

One of the things which drew me towards Portland is the prestigious award of “Exemplary” by the American Culinary Federation. I knew Portland was where I wanted to pursue the culinary arts and begin the next chapter of my life. After receiving my education, I will strive to hold myself to that exemplary benchmark.

To become reality, this dream requires a great education and experience which according to the American Culinary Federation will be conferred with assistance in Portland.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


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