Jager Truffles

Ah Jagermeister chocolate truffles – yes they are as good as they sound and yes, you can probably make them as strong as you like!


500g chocolate (3.3 cups)
(milk/dark or both)
50ml jagermeister (0.2 cups)
1tbsp butter
250ml double cream (1.1 cups)
cocoa powder to finish

Start off by getting a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Add your cream to the bowl and warm through.

When the cream is warm and not bubbling add in the chocolate and mix over the simmering water until fully melted and combined.

Then add in the butter and jagermeister (2 shots is enough for a mild taste), and mix until well combined.

Take off of the heat and allow to cool for 5 minutes. Place cling film over the bowl and press against the mixture sealing up the sides. You want to make it nice and air tight in there so make sure there are no bubbles and wrap firmly.

Place in the fridge overnight.

Roll about a teaspoon of the mixture with your hands (make sure they are cold and keep them cold) into a ball. Dip in the cocoa powder and roll around, then repeat the process until all of the truffles are ready.



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