Spinaci alla Romana

This is a recipe I learned during culinary school. We were able to use golden raisins once at school, and I thought it gave a Je ne sais qua to the overall color of the dish. The raisins and pine nuts are there for texture, and in my opinion are Optional.

Ingredients ..
1.5 lbs Spinach. Trimmed, rinsed, and de-stemmed
2 T Olive oil
2 slices Bacon – fat rendered
handful Pine nuts – Optional
handful Raisins
Salt/Pepper to taste

1. Trim and wash spinach. Blanch. Rinse. Pat dry.
2. Heat oil, render fat from bacon. Eat bacon.
3. Add spinach, pine nuts, and raisins. Saute. The pine nuts and raisins only need to be heated, and the spinach will cook down quickly. Once you get to this step, dont take your eyes off the spinach as it will be okay one second and overcooked the next.

Season to taste

Serves 4-5
Roman-style Spinach (Rome, Italy)

Chopped garlic may be sautéed in the fat before the spinach is added.
Lean prosciutto, sliced thin, then diced, may be added.


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