Spring Onions


Spring Onions, also known as scallions, are small onions that are eaten fresh. They originate from the same part of the world as their cousin, Central Asia. They are called spring onions because they are (usually) ready to eat in spring. Other members of the onion family do not mature until later in the year.

Spring onions can be used in cooking but they are more frequently eaten raw, especially in salads. The leaves can be used as a substitute for chives, and the onions themselves are often used as a garnish.

Go for spring onions with firm, unblemished bulbs and bright green perky leaves. Avoid those that are slimy or wilting. The skin covering a spring onion’ bulb can be either white or deep red fading to white at the roots – there’s no significant difference in taste. Similarly, the bulb can be quite pronounced or more like a leek in shape, with no noticeable swelling; again, this has no impact on flavour.

Nutritional Highlights…

There are 16 calories in 2 large Scallions or Spring Onions.
Calorie breakdown: 5% fat, 82% carbs, 13% protein.


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