You are what you eat?

You are what you eat, was a funny statement that I heard continuously while growing up, especially when I was eating something someone didn’t think I should be. It also became a weird joke during middle school/high school.

However, there is a lot of truth to this statement on the purely biological level. The stuff we put into our bodies is what aids (or hinders) our sustainment. Ingredients we eat shouldn’t contain ingredients, they should be the ingredient. For example, last night I had grass fed beef, a mustard mash, and sautéed onions for dinner. I knew where everything came from and what its original state was. So after dinner, I became a grass fed cow with a little mustard mash and some onions. :D.

In Oregon, we are voting on “Proposition 92,” labeling GMO food. I voted yes simply because I want to know WHAT I am eating. There has been a strong push by the opposition to say that we are writing a blank check to the state government, and it will cost the tax payers “millions.” When I calculated their price down to the tax payer level, it was less than $3 annually. So that Starbucks coffee you had this morning, would have paid for your portion of this important ballot measure.

As a future Naturopathic Doctor, eating either helps you ward off disease or it helps in contracting. Lets look at corn…. GMO corn produces its on pesticide on a genetic level. Can this possibly be good to consume? Im not telling everyone to run out and have their own garden. That just isnt feasible. Now lets look at tomatoes…. Did you know that a fish gene has been spliced into the genetic makeup of the tomato so that it can grow in colder weather? What does this do for people with a severe fish allergy? How do either of these genetic modifications alter the flavor and taste of the food? Do you have the desire to know what you are eating?


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