Natural Selection

As many of you know, I am on the road to getting a ND and a MSN. Everyday is one step closer. I decided to change the name of my blog in order to be more in line with my current career and academic goals.

Natural Selection, as biology teaches is the process by which individuals with certain heritable traits tend to produce more surviving offspring than do individuals without those traits, often leading to a change in the genetic makeup of the population. Now, in this definition individuals doesn’t necessarily mean people, for me it will relate more to plants and their effect on humans. So, Im going to start with an introduction to fruits and vegetables.

At the beginning of the 21st Century it may seem weird that people in the so-called civilized world would think of growing their own vegetables. However, peoples reasons for growing your are vary widely. The biggest reason is being freshness. It can literally be in the ground one minute and in your pot cooking the next. Once you have tasted fresh vegetables (and fruit) you realize the vast difference between them and the glossy, but days-old ones in the supermarket. Mass-produced vegetables have been bred (think GMOs) to different criteria from those that we grow in our garden. Supermarkets want fruit and vegetables that will arrive at the shops looking fresh and undamaged, and so they genetically produce tough skins, which also guarantees a long shelf life.

At the bottom of the list of qualities, it seems, that are demanded by supermarkets, and frequently not on the list at all, is taste (and flavor). For example, customers buy carrots every week without any thought to what the last batch tasted like.

Finally , one more advantage, allied to taste, is that we know what has been put on the food. Today in the media, we see the use of powerful chemical sprays and powders, and the crops in the supermarkets have been doused in an ever-increasing number of compounds to make sure that, among other things, they arrive at the supermarket in a completely unblemished state. (This is a huge debate here in Oregon as we approach Nov 4th)


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