Growing your own herbs

Herbs have been an important part of gardening (and the culinary world) for generations. Our perception of herbs has changed over the centuries. Gone are the times when it was essential to grow your own headache remedies and now few people grow medicinal herbs for their own use. (This is changing, but that is another post).

On the other hand, culinary herbs are widely grown. There are two approaches (i am sure there are more) to growing culinary herbs: one is simply to grow those you will cook with; the other is to make a comprehensive collection. Either way there is a tremendous range of herbs from which to choose.

Herbs can be grown in a variety of ways For many, the “traditional herb garden” remains the only way. For me, I use an alternative route, and grow the herbs in containers for easy and fresh access while Im cooking. Currently in the mix, is thyme and basil. Which herbs do you want to grown and learn about?


Growing your own herbs saves a lot of money, creates a better product and is really easy to do. I’m currently growing chives, thyme and basil. It’s now fall so the lack of sunlight limits what will and won’t grow well. At this point of the year I would reccomend buying starts. Herbs that have already sprouted. To grow more delicate herbs at this time I would reccomend a garden lamp. It helps supply some artificial form of sunlight.

When starting from seeds make sure your soil is moist and full of nutrients. Most herbs require being planted between 1/4-1/2″ deep. The soul should constantly be kept moist I rimageeccomend checking it twice a day. Make sure the area where planted gets a moderate amount of sunlight. Too much sun will dry them out and sun bleach the herbs, but too little stunts growth.

I,being a culinary student, love…

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