Fried Eggplant Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe


This is one of my favorite sandwich ideas I’ve had since starting culinary school. The chibatta bread slightly grilled so its toasty. The spread is comprised of goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes. The main ingredient is fried eggplant. This sandwich came out wonderfully and I wanted to share the idea. bread


2 slices Chibatta bread

3oz. Goat cheese

3oz. Sun dried tomatoes

3 Slices Eggplant

3oz. Mushrooms


4oz. Flour

2each Eggs

4oz. Bread crumbs


Put mushrooms in oven at 350F with salt, pepper and oil. Dice sun dried tomatoes and mix with goat cheese until smooth. Coat sliced eggplant with salt and cover with paper towels (it dries the eggplant) coat with flour after removing salt and paper towels, egg wash and bread crumb. Fry the eggplant and toast the chibatta bread. Put the spread in a thin layer on the top and bottom slice of bread…

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