Food Trucks in Portland


Food trucks have a huge following here in Portland, Oregon. Food trucks offer a wide array of cuisines from Thai to English cuisine. Right across from the building my school is in, there are about 50 food trucks. I, being a hungry culinary student, have tried almost all of them. food trucks

I’ve noticed many things from eating at so many food trucks. The ones with the longest lines aren’t always the best. Sometimes the food carts have a long line, a long wait and when you think the food must be awesome, its just pretty average.Its really frustrating.

Many food trucks with the same style cuisine, and similar menus can be night and day as far as food execution goes.For example there are 4 Mexican cuisine food trucks within a 2 block radius, each one has a menu item that’s better than the rest. One has better burritos, one has better tacos…

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