Middle Eastern ? Week

This week brought an interesting conversation/discussion to the pass, whether the food we served was Middle Eastern or Mediterranean? While I know that some of the food was African and Indian, its the majority of the dishes that their cuisine is questioned.

It was a rapid trip if you will from hitting various traditional dishes in Africa, such as Chicken Tangine, to India and their Pork Vindaloo, with a huge stop with my favorite cuisine, which I consider to be both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean.

As a whole, I was first introduced to this food while deployed in support of OIF and OEF. It was on my second deployment to the region that I fell in love with it.

The dishes as a whole are distinctive, down to the herbs used. Each dish had its own unique pros and cons. It was a week to remember herbs/spices are highly potent.

Heres a list of the dishes presented this week: Akara, Egg Plant Curry, Lamb Sis Kebap, Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Qahwah, Pita, Chicken Tangine, Grilled Tilapia, Naan, Dal, Pork Vindaloo, Samosas, Hummus, Spanikopita, Green Chutney, Raita, Tamarind Sauce and Rice, of course.

After this week, and all the changes made to these recipes to return them to authenticity. I thought I would put together a cookbook, including the different things I learned and the why.


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