Yard House…. NO WAY

Simply put… piss poor management on your part… I’m getting ahead of myself… let me go back a few hours.

At sometime this morning, the city of Portland issued an E. Coli warning, as three reservoirs were found to high high concentrations of E. Coli. This of course created a sense of panic in the city. I was informed of the concern at approximately 11 am.

Tonight should have been the soft opening of Yard House @ Washington Square. When I arrived at their establishment at 3:15 pm to check out their menu, there was no notice of closing. My reservations weren’t until 5:30. Returning at 5:15, there was no sign of any closure. About three minutes of waiting outside the restaurant, a manager came out and apologized that the soft opening wasn’t taking place due to the City being out of water. His reason was “we waited to long before going to get bottled water.” He preceded to inform the crowd that they had to close due to an inability to maintain sanitation. He apologized again, and engaged me specifically in a conversation, that went a little something like this. “Why cant you boil water?” “We wouldn’t be able to maintain sanitation in the employee bathrooms.”

Needless to say, I left irritated. I am left with the following thought…. if they take such a lazy attitude with getting water, what does that say about their food?


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