Bee Pollen

A few weeks ago I was invited to a lecture by a Naturopathic Immunologist. There was a lot of interesting things discussed, two of the more important ones were: bee pollen and food as medicine.

Ever since I moved to Oregon almost a year ago now, I have suffered from allergies. I hate taking pills to make it through the day, etc. After listening to the ND talk about how bee pollen added to your diet would aid in overcoming that, I listened. I am more the type of person to prove a myth wrong, so that following Sunday, I went to Fred Meyers and purchased about a cups worth of bee pollen. The Immunologist made it very clear that it had to be LOCAL bee pollen, and once I thought about that it makes sense. So I started putting bee pollen into my morning smoothies. I am happy to say that a week later, Im not completely over the allergies but I don’t have nearly as many issues with sneezing/breathing. Its a relief. I am curious as to if other people have either tried this and found it true as well, or not.

The other concept that was discussed was utilizing food as medicine. Thinking just how crazy intelligent we as humans are in design. I thought that it was a concept that I would like to further pursue. In my brief existence, I have had two separate instances where I had to use food to heal. I wont go so far as to preach that all medicines are poisons, but I think there is some truth behind utilizing food as a prophylactic. I will be participating in various research studies over the next few years, and assisting with the End Childhood Obesity grant. I have also added more classes to my repertoire, as I need to finish off some prerequisites in order to participate in the programs.

If I thought that my first year in Portland was busy, my second is going to be even busier.

Grub wisely


One thought on “Bee Pollen

  1. I think food can definitely be used as a medicine. But also, in today’s day and age, food can become an addiction. Naturopaths have the right idea. I think it’s great that you want to research about how you can help people!

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