National School Lunch Program 2014

According to the “Final Rule Nutrition Standards in the NSLP and SBP,” the daily requirement for a complete, grades 9-12 school lunch “meal” consists of one fifth of the following:
 Fruits – 5 cups/week of whole recognizable fresh, canned, or dried whole or cut fruit pieces of which half may be in the form of 100% juice
 Vegetables – 5 cups/week of dark green, red, orange, or starchy vegetables, or legumes
 Grains – 10 to 12 oz. equivalent of which at least half must be whole grain as of 01JUL12
 Meat/Meat Alternatives – 10 to 12 oz. equivalent
 Fluid Milk – 5 cups per week

Evidence at a Glance
A 2 oz. serving of roasted chicken, plus an 8 oz. carton of low-fat milk, provide 22 grams of protein for an active 17 year old male, or more than 40 percent of recommended daily protein intake.
A school lunch provides as many as 850 calories – sufficient to meet the recommended daily energy intake at lunch for most high
school students.

Schools across the country have already been successfully implementing the new standards within current resources. Many schools have been making healthy changes to their menus in recent years, and providing a healthy, good tasting meal.

The HHFKA sets common-sense business standards that complement the Federal resources included in the Act in order to ensure that enough revenue is being brought in to cover the cost of producing healthy school meals. When taken together, these additional resources will, on average, provide enough revenue for schools to meet the new meal requirements.Why isn’t every school meeting the new standards today?

Schools are in a transition year. Naturally, some places are adjusting to the new standards more easily than others, but it can be done.   In fact, thousands of schools are already at or near the new standards.   As mentioned in a previous blog, I would recommend eating at your child’s school.



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