Restaurant Consulting

Most restaurant consultants are not like Gordon Ramsey, by far. After all, a consultant’s job is not to increase a TV show’s ratings by creating drama. Instead, a restaurant professional consultant’s main role is to guide and assist owners in their business.

Most restaurant consultants tend to specialize in different disciplines while some groups offer a broader “full scope” type of service. Restaurant consultants can work with you on anything from startup, critical planning,  turnaround, expansion, project management, financial services, design, decor, demographics, branding, kitchen layout, menus, food and beverage recipes and training to help you get your restaurant on track.

The restaurant business is one of the toughest businesses out there and it’s no secret that most new restaurants close in their first year. If you’re considering opening a restaurant, this is all the more reason to hire a professional to help eliminate the costly learning curve that tends to capsize most startups.

According to SmartPulse, a weekly reader poll that tracks feedback from restaurant owners and managers about current trends and issues. 39% of restaurants have used a consultant in the past and 7% are actively seeking a consultant.

Their recent poll question was: Do you seek advice from a restaurant consultant?

38.89% – My restaurant has sought advice from a consultant in the past.

6.94% – My restaurant currently is seeking the help of a consultant.

5.56% – My restaurant plans to seek a consultant.

5.56% – My restaurant uses consultants, but I don’t work directly with them.

Using restaurant consultants or restaurant consulting firms in your business planning is a way of getting restaurant experts to help you solve problems. Many restaurants fail due to poor location selection, demographics, undercapitalization, poor service/food or irrelevant concept for the area. Whether you want to sell burgers, open a franchise or a trendy restaurant and bar, there’s a restaurant business consultant expert out there for you.


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