The Dessert Menu

featuring traditional desserts from Europe with a fresh twist.

Italy – Zabaglione $8
Zabaglione is an Italian custard, served in layers with poached peaches and crushed amaretti biscuits. Delizioso!

England – Cheeky Chocolate Cheesecake $11.50
The guys at Sorted gave me this wonderful idea for a plated cheesecake. Its Pukka.  A graham cracker crust, packed full of chocolaty delight.  (Must be 21 yrs old to consume)

Russia – Sirniki $9

Mini-cakes with a pleasantly buttery-soft inside and rustically crunchy on the outside. A Ukrainian classic, “sirniki” means made of cheese


Vienna – Sachertorte $9
The mother of all chocolate cakes. Its made with the traditional apricot filling.20140324-180109.jpg

Germany – Struedel $ 9.50

A German tradition of sliced apples & raisins soaked in rum & schnapps, brushed with butter in a crispy phyllo crust.  Served with sauce an glace and freshly whipped crème


I apologize for not having pictures of all my desserts available.   The guy I use for food photography was down sick with the flu.







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