Haunted Pizza

I can officially check off one of the things on my to do list while in Portland. I visited Old Town Pizza which has a resident ghost, Nina. As the legend goes, one of the young “working women” was Nina, sold into that life by a thriving white slavery market. In an effort to clean up the neighborhood, traveling missionaries convinced Nina to share information in exchange for freeing her from a fate she did not choose. Nina cooperated but soon after was found dead in the hotel, now Old Town Pizza. Thrown down the elevator shaft in the 1880s, Nina is reported to have never left the building.

Old Town Pizza is located in the “Old Town” section of downtown Portland. It sits in the lobby of what was once the “Old Merchant Hotel” and is decorated in the cast iron and post and beam style with stained glass windows and original plank stairs.

The pizza prices are affordable , a small pizza is large enough to feed two people whereas the large will easily feed four. More than two dozen toppings are available, as well as an assortment of other things. I would recommend getting the garlic knots as an appetizer. All the ingredients were fresh, and the customer service was outstanding.

We unfortunately did not receive a visit from Nina this time around.

On average it cost our group of four $7.50 per person, for a large pizza and an appetizer of garlic knots and a tip. This was one of the best pizza joints we have visited while living in Portland.



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