Confusion of Flavors

Few things are worse than sitting down to a much-anticipated meal and taking the first bite just to find out the food is bland.  Lately however, when I have gone out to eat, or been invited over for dinner, etc…. it seems like there is an overabundance of spices in food.  For example,  placing beau monde, alpine touch, mrs dash, red pepper, and bold r dash to one dish (on a steak) seems a bit of an over kill in my opinion.  I prefer to let the flavor of the food speak for itself and add a bit of seasoning to enhance the flavors. 

The difference between seasoning and flavoring comes down to what affect it has on food.  When flavor is added to food, it is meant to alter the taste by introducing a new flavor/taste to the dish.  Seasonings do not add a new flavor, but only bring out and enhance the natural taste of food.  In most cases the difference between seasoning and flavoring is the amount of ingredient used. 

Salt is the most common seasoning in cooking, followed by pepper.  Lemon juice/zest are also examples of seasonings that are being found in kitchens more frequently.  Flavorings include herbs, spices and even alcohol.  (Spices and herbs are either a flavoring or seasoning, depending on the amount used.) 

Less is better when it comes to food in my opinion.   Experiment and let me know what you think.

Grub wisely