Happy 2014

The Irony of Life

Every person that comes into our life, no matter for how long or how short of a period of time, or for whatever reason, is an integral piece of our journey and the path we have chosen.  They are either there to help keep us strong, ensuring our path is headed in the correct direction, or they are there to offer us guidance and support as we change our path and begin a new adventure.

May 2014 bring you all you need to stay healthy, wealthy and wise.

Happy New Year


Searching for the Best

Breakfast the Pacific Northwest has to offer…..

These last few weeks,  specifically on Sundays,  I have ventured in the PDX metro area to find the best breakfast. The ideal breakfast for me includes biscuits and gravy, bacon, hash browns, eggs, etc.  I think I found it.  As of today,  I have frequented many  different restaurants, and oddly enough the winner so far is a bistro in Portland.  All of these places have been recommended by various people that I know,  and maybe I have gone on really bad days, but each left something to be desired.  At each restaurant, I try to have something similar to what I believe to be the ideal American Breakfast.

Sitting at the number one position…Sugar Momma’s Cafe.   I have frequented this establishment a couple times, and have always walked away impressed with the food and the service.   90% of their food is fresh, and their coffee dark.  Can be a bit price.  Average cost per person is around $10.   Overall, I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

The Roxy Diner.   Had an assortment of food on their menu and decent staff,  Everything comes frozen or a box.  The staff seemed a bit irritated that “a bunch of kids”  came into their bar.  The decor was original but dark,  it is after all a bar.  Mind you all of us are over the age of 21.   3 out of 5.

22nd Street Station.   If you dont mind day old food, or leftovers as well as things frozen or from a box, this place is for you.   The staff was pleasant and welcoming.  The decor was busy but the mood lite.  Interesting that the gravy served to us, we both had the same dish,  was different in flavor, color and texture.  2 out of 5 stars.

Elmer’s.   We visited here first, and it set the standard, or lack of one for what to expect for breakfast’s in the metro area.  As we sat there and discussed the food, atmosphere, etc.   We got stuck on one question, what was the “unique” flavor in the gravy?   Well,  I asked.   The response was,  “on the box it says ‘assortment of spices”    The service was exemplary and for that alone I give Elmer’s a 3 out of 5 stars.

Finally,  Connie’s Corner Cafe.  Broken grill and soda machine, and a short in a plug, which housed all the kitchen equipment…  so Chef Microwave was utilized.   The issue,  being told about it when regulars came in to order some pie and a coke.   The staff made sure to inform them that every thing was broken or in need of repair, yet failed to mention it to us.    Had I known about that prior to ordering,  I would have returned on another day, instead I received two day old gravy, with at least a day old biscuit and soggy hashbrowns,  all on a refrigerator cold plate. Served with the statement, “if it’s not hot enough, we can stick it back in the microwave.”   The food was terrible with the service to match.   I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone that was new to the area.  1 out of 5 stars.