Chicken and Starch

Its only been a week, but I’m already tired of chicken and rice/pasta/potato.     It wasn’t only at school, but at the house as well.   It was as if the roommates wanted me to cook exactly what I had been cooking and tasting during class all week.   Except they had no idea what I was doing during class.

Some serious menu planning and memorization has to happen this weekend.  I may even have time for a bit of a social life.  Three distinct menus, one of which has to be a classical French menu,  the other two maybe a pan-asian and mediterranean design.    The first group of recipes (sauces) has to be memorized over the weekend.

The school is hosting a soup scholarship competition in about two weeks.  I will be submitting my chilled tomato soup.   I need to start working on the Halloween competition menu and a Halloween dinner party as well.  Both are due on Oct 28th.   No idea at the present moment what to create for the Halloween events, but I have about six weeks to figure it out.


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