Is this a Joke?

The first round of class are officially over.  I have met some great people and some people I could have gone the rest of my life without meeting.   Such is life.   Would I have changed my decision to leave what I know and move to some place I dont?  Absolutely not.

This past cycle I had two classes,  the necessary but ever boring sanitation class and what I would only conclude was an Intro to Culinary Arts.  It feels like the only thing I learned was a new knife cut.   From the little I know about the Industry and cooking, no technique was taught.  However,  I keep getting told that this next cycle separates the men from the boys.   I had to take a national sanitation exam.  I wont know the results on that for approximately six weeks.

With nothing really going on with classes,  I havent felt like blogging much.   The books for the challenge have finally been order.  Its amusing how life has a mind of its own regarding when things will happen and when they wont.   I have started taking things a week at a time, as beyond that seems to be beyond my management skills.

As to the Joke aspect of the last few weeks…. It truly surprises me how infantile certain aspects of school have been.  On top of school,  what little social life I have had went through an emotional roller coaster.  On a flip side,  through all this chaos I was able to design my next sleeve.  As usual, all of my tattoos have a significant story to tell them.   This particular story has a Native American background, with a touch of my humor thrown in for good measure… a llama killing a snake.  That’s the only reveal until its started, which will hopefully be in about two weeks.

The only bit of excitement from the last few weeks, was I finally made it to a Timbers game.. well two if you include the reserves game 😀

As for the upcoming week,   I have a dinner planned for tomorrow night,  menu prep for a Veteran’s day appreciation dinner, and a catering event on Saturday.   A few tentative plans have been set to include a trip to Alaska and watching a Blazers game.  A buddy of mine from school landed a sous chef job here.  So I have a place where I can go to do all the things I like, food, movies, fun.   i will definately be checking out Catching Fire there when it comes out.

Until next time…. grub wisely and enjoy life


Chicken and Starch

Its only been a week, but I’m already tired of chicken and rice/pasta/potato.     It wasn’t only at school, but at the house as well.   It was as if the roommates wanted me to cook exactly what I had been cooking and tasting during class all week.   Except they had no idea what I was doing during class.

Some serious menu planning and memorization has to happen this weekend.  I may even have time for a bit of a social life.  Three distinct menus, one of which has to be a classical French menu,  the other two maybe a pan-asian and mediterranean design.    The first group of recipes (sauces) has to be memorized over the weekend.

The school is hosting a soup scholarship competition in about two weeks.  I will be submitting my chilled tomato soup.   I need to start working on the Halloween competition menu and a Halloween dinner party as well.  Both are due on Oct 28th.   No idea at the present moment what to create for the Halloween events, but I have about six weeks to figure it out.