En Francais, s’il vous plait.

It was International Chef week at school, the cuisine ….  southern French.  What I didn’t expect was to be talked to in French, while Chef spoke to everyone else in Anglais.   Last week, it was mainly ASL… this week French….  I’m curious as to what language I will speak next week.  English would be nice. 😀

It all started while fabricating a chicken.  Chef was instructing in English, I ask for some help, in English and he tells me what to do in French.   From that point on he would only speak to me in French.    Then….  i got bombarded to teach French to various others.     Doubt that will happen though.  Not enough time in my day.

Each day had its own theme…  Plating, Eggs, Lobster, Chicken and Desserts.   The most amazing thing I ate all week was an omelette souffle (meringue was folded into the eggs)…. it was heavenly.   The most difficult aspect of the week was tearing down the lobster and chicken and the combined smell of both of them.    We also started on our mother sauces and stocks.  Let the memorization begin.

The hot Bailey’s ice cream was an epic failure.   The methyl cellulose was too weak for what we needed it to do.  The school ordered the right product this time, so hopefully Wednesday will be better.   One thing to come out of that meeting on Wednesday is that the new guy knows what he talks about.   The other, is that the Chefs are willing to put in extra time, if I am willing to do the research and leg work.

There was no home cooking this week.  Tasting food all day long doesn’t make one hungry.  School is keeping me busier than I anticipated, and with the way the schedule looks from now until December,  its only going to get worse but better.

The other thing I learned or should I say experienced this week, is why Chefs are so neurotic about food and perfection.  Especially when the cuts have to be precise. Did a fine brunoise  (1/16 x 1/16 x 1/16)   and that’s when it clicked that perfection is what drives Chefs.   The meticulousness, precision and dedication to the culinary world is in my opinion what makes a great chef.  It’s what separates the men from the boys if you will.

Until next time…. Grub wisely


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