For a split second….

I thought that I could take my eyes of the prize and enjoy a little bit of life, but apparently I was wrong.   😦

This past weekend, I had the priviledge of participating in an ACF culinary certification.  It was an extremely long day, started at 8am finished up around 10 pm.   The chef evaluators gave me some key insights as to what they look for during certifications and competition.  Their big “pet peeves” if you will were sanitation, organization, and portion control.   I assisted the patisserie chef with an amazing Bavarian cream as well as a few other things, and a culinarian  with a consomme.  It was a great learning experience.  After the testing was completed, we all went out to eat, and of course critique one of the local Mexican restaurants.   Is authentic/traditional Mexican food as bland as I have been tasting???

I consider myself to have a big heart when it comes to people, a highly guarded one, but still a big one.  I made the fatal mistake of mixing my professional and personal lives this weekend, and ended up paying for it this morning.  Sometimes I wish there was a reset button we could press.   This morning almost saw me implode because of this mistake.  I did get a nice surprise in the mail today, a Notre Dame beanie. :D.   That and a nap helped turn my day around.   Its not wise for me to try and operate on three hours of sleep.

The other question that plagued me today was:   Am I in high school or college?  One of the weirdest assignments, I have ever been given in my college career was today and I quote:  “Copy the words and definitions from page 187 to be handed in tomorrow at line-up.”


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