My first week…

My first week of culinary school has almost come to an end, and what a journey it has been.  The last few days have been filled with not only classroom work, but preparing a menu for a charity event and training for the competition team.   Is this the point where I say I despise the tourne cut?   LOL.  The knife skills that I have been working on this week were the julienne and the batonette cuts, and the tourne.

The highlight of the charity meal is that all of the dishes are modern cuisine.  It will be a five course meal.  I am most excited about the dessert, as it will be a hot ice cream.  Yep, you read that right…. hot ice cream with a bit of Bailey’s Irish Cream :D.   It was an exhausting day figuring out the menu, as it took almost three hours to come up with four of the five dishes.  For the last dish, I will suggest a “living” dish of some kind.   I will say that the overall theme of the dish is mediterranean.

The competition team also has a preliminary menu for our January competition. All the branches of the military are represented by a different member of the team.  The menu will probably be finalized the first week of September.  I’m sure between now and January,  I will end up doing hundreds of hours of knife skills.  Hopefully, no more cuts.  Both thumbs were attacked by a knife, one while honing the other by the dreaded tourne. :P.

I surprised Career Services today, when I went in to discuss my externship with them and what steps I need to do to make myself more competitive for Viking Cruises.  I can’t do a cruise line for my externship, but they are going to make some calls and see which resort would be a good one.  They asked me if I was afraid to move.   Then tossed out the idea of Australia.  Eight weeks in Australia…. ummmm, where do I sign up????

I was asked today by the Bishop (not a housemate),  if I wanted to go to Chicago over Christmas break for a few days.  I replied, only if I can eat at Graham Elliot Bistro.  :D.  So that trip is tentatively on the horizon.

I have finished my juice detox, and love the fact my stomach is never burdened with food.  Now, I have moved on to a more substantial juice that provides more protein and better flavor.   Tomorrow’s juice includes a triple berry mix, soy milk, veg protein powder, spinach and pears.

The Challenge had to be altered as parts of it had to change for reasons outside of my control.  However,  it will still happen, as scheduled but will have to be moved to mid-September before I can start.

Until next time…. Grub Wisely


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