All Things…..

Have a beginning and an end.

The first two days of classes are over.  Homework has already been assigned.  The game is already afoot.   The books for this term (seven months) are amazing.   My first two classes are culinary foundations and sanitation.  With the administration aspect of both classes successfully completed, its time to move on to what I came here to do… carve my path in this world.

Had a meeting with both executive chefs today, and announced my intent to compete.  Both agreed to me being on the school’s competition team.  The assigned classical dish for the 2014 competition season is a Matelote.  (A fish appetizer).  The remainder of the cooking phase includes a soup or salad, and entree and a desert.   State competition this year is in Bend, Oregon, not sure on the day.

Not sure what I was expecting regarding homework, but I know that  I am honestly surprised at how much homework has been assigned in just the first two days of class.   Knife skills start tomorrow and my first time cooking in a professional kitchen Thursday afternoon.   Homework which still needs to be done :).  Just a ton of reading and questions to get answered.

Until next time…. grub wisely


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