Orientation Day 2 et al

Happy 101st Birthday Julia :D.   I look forward to walking in your footsteps.

Day Two of orientation…completed.  The big events of the day were dealing with financial aid,  getting my uniforms,  the new student orientation meeting, and the meeting with Chef.  The day was highly productive. 😀   I need to decide whether or not to have my uniforms dry cleaned.   All the various meetings I had were informative and productive.  I walked away with the ACF student culinary competition manual from the meeting with Chef, to prepare for the hot foods team as well as the November competition.    The rules of competition state various aspects to include which protein I can utilize at the competition.   I will probably come up with a Mediterranean dish using lamb as the protein.

I will be hitting the ground running, once classes start next week.   Officially my classes are 10-2 but with the extra curriculars, the culinary side of my day will end about 5:30.   Adding in the time at the gym and travel, my day will be about 8-8.  The extras start Tuesday afternoon with Chef and the competition team.   I have to read the manual before Tuesday.

Hate to cut this short, but I am exhausted.

In the words of the birthday girl….

Bon Apetite!!



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