Meatless Monday (Juicing Day 2)

The twitter world is a buzz with meatless monday,  even some of the great chefs (my opinion) like Jamie Oliver added there two cents with a gorgeous zucchini salad.

Drinks 4-6:  The colors of the day seem to be  red and green.   (a pic of the drinks are on instagram)

4:  apples,  beets, carrots, chard

5:  apples, cantaloupe, chard, ginger, honey dew,  kale

6:  apples, red cabbage, chard, ginger, lemon

Its heavy on the greens to replace the potassium and protein lost due to lack of animal protein.  Why did I decide to “suddenly” start juicing?  Nutrition is arguably the most important aspect of my life.  I practice eating healthy on a regular basis and plays a massive role in achieving my health goals.   I believe that people carry a nasty stigma which correlates the word “nutrition” to ideas of starving yourself and limiting food.    There is a bit of history behind why I juice.   The majority of the time I lived in OKC,  I lived with my brother.   Our diet consisted of eating out all the time, namely fast food for convenience.  So over the course of a school year, without working out much.   I gained a lot of weight.  I weigh 235 lbs, as of this morning.  I used to weigh just under 185, and that’s what I want to get back too.   I have the knowledge, I think,  to regain that leanness.   There is also a housemate who has a sizeable knowledge on nutrition.  I knew coming to Portland, that it would be a series of changes.  Three of which I needed to start tackling before starting school.  On a positive note, I am a month free of soda and a week free of coffee.   There have been moments of weakness, I assure you.  Times when I wanted nothing more than to drink a Coke or have some Starbucks.   I have replaced them with herbal teas.

On the menu for dinner is fettuccine alfredo.

Less than a week before I start classes.  Good luck to all those who are heading back to school for yet another semester/trimester.   Let the fun begin 😀

“We may live without poetry, music and art; We may live without conscience and without heart; We may live without friends and without books; but civilized man cannot live without cooks.”

Until next time…. Grub wisely 😀


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