Anonymity at the Bite of Oregon

This weekend was the annual Bite of Oregon,  celebrating its 30th year.   Originally,  I pondered working and networking with the school and the local chapter of the ACF.   I decided against that for one reason and one reason only….. anonymity.  I wanted to enjoy my final days of not being known before I have to hit the ground and the culinary world running later this week.

The Mediterranean food redeemed itself today.   I have now seen the Tzatziki sauce prepared multiple ways, and the blended cucumber/yogurt takes the win in my opinion.   As you know,  the challenge is Mediterranean dishes, hence the recurring theme.    I probably won’t be happy with a gyro until I get about half a pound of lamb, well seasoned.   There was a desert vendor there who served a french custard ice cream between two cookies.  I chose the vanilla custard and dark chocolate cookies.    Not a big fan of desserts, but this was delish…

The big disappointment of the day was the lack of respect for the uniform I witnessed by a buck Sergeant.   But that’s all I will say about that.

I started over on the juicing cycle today.   The same three drinks I consumed about a week or so ago, were repeated today.  There was a slight mix up on the ingredients.  I apparently can’t read a spreadsheet at 0100.   Its surprising how no kiwi in one drink can make a juice taste so ……  bleh.   I did however still drink it.  :D.   I’ve been doing a bit of research on the subject of juicing, and it seems that most agree that approximately 75% of one’s diet should be raw/juice.  So if I eat four meals a day, that’s one meal that I can consume of real food…. right???

I made a somewhat huge decision today.  I would like my first culinary job post school to be on the Viking Cruise line,  state-side they are based out of California, but mainly tour Europe. :D.   Now I just need to figure out what steps I should take in order to make myself a better candidate for the job.    On the flip side,  this week wasn’t a particularly positive week,  but I seem to have come out the other side fairly well.  Regarding certain aspects of my journey here,  things haven’t gone according to plan.  Yet,  I have always rolled with the punches and land on both feet.

I haven’t done much cooking around the house lately.   I do plan on starting to prep a few things this week, like creme fraiche .   Once I get my hands on some black currant berries,  I will start adding it to one of my juices.  I drank black currant juice when I was deployed.

Until next time…. Grub wisely.


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