An Anhydrous Day and Chilled Tomato Soup

Today was supposed to be a lecture on the role of water in the distillation process.  I did speak with Chef today, but in regards to the culinary competition in November.  Chef had an emergency come up and therefore cancelled the lecture slated for this afternoon.  Apparently I will be competing.  So I began working on the menu, my first dish is a chilled tomato soup with a cilantro yogurt swirl.   This tomato soup is spiked with chopped chipotle peppers.   The cilantro yogurt balances the heat from the chiles. It can be served hot or cold.   For the competition it will be served cold.

To prepare the soup:  1) Toast cummin in a small skillet over low heat, stirring, until fragrant  (maybe 2 mins). 2) Combine tomatoes, onion, cilantro and chipotle into a blender and puree until smooth.  Add toasted cumin, corn, lime juice and salt.  Refrigerate until chilled, about an hour.

To prepare the yogurt:  Puree yogurt and cilantro.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.

To serve, divide the soup and garnish each with a generous swirl of cilantro yogurt.

I did manage to get my ingredients from the farmers market :D, and the spices from the Savory Spice Shop.   It is National Farmers Market Week (Aug 4-10).    As I continue to learn about  Farmers Markets, they are many things,  a community gathering place, a different model for practicing family farming.  The markets are ultimately about the people who apply thought, experience and hard word to their livelihood.

Grub wisely and buy locally.


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