Qu’est que tu fait le weekend?

Now that I am a little more aware of what to expect over the next two years, and how busy my life will become,  I decided to go out with the housemates.    One of the guys is a bartender in Gresham.   So we met up with him around 9 pm for a few beverages and some dinner.  He definitely knows how to mix a good drink.  As always, when I know the bartender,  I let them decide what I will be drinking.   He chose the L. A. Iced Tea, known also as the Tokyo tea.  Its a variation of LIIT,  but add Midori instead of Coke.  After three of them and it being almost midnight, we decided to head back, as the last Max left Gresham at 12:30am ish.   That’s when the real grand pirate adventure began.   Still being relatively new to the area,  I did not know that the last Max stopped about 12 miles before I needed it too…  so at 1:45am,  we began a trek back to the house.  Finally about 3am,  we were able to wake up “the Baker” and she came and picked us up and took us back to the house.   The other housemates had fallen asleep and we were unable to wake them even though we tried calling about sixteen times in the space of an hour.  Finally managed to get back to the house and in bed a little after 4 am.

I woke up about 8 am and made some breakfast,  then a few of us decided to hit up the local farmers market.   It was completely different then the markets in and around OKC.  It was about lunch time by the time we got there.   This market had a decent amount of food areas, and we chose to have Gyros.  They were nothing like the Greek House next to University of Oklahoma in Norman.    I did have a maple and bacon donut as well as a mini chocolate chip donut from Mama Mia’s.   I was a bit hesitant of the maple/bacon, but the flavor profile actually worked.  The dough for both pastries were light and delicate, not processed.   I still am trying to find some black currants so I can start building a flavor profile around them.    After hanging out at the farmers market,  we headed to the vet clinic.  I help out with rescue animals.   This last week or so, we had nine baby possums dropped off.  We lost the last one this morning.   So this afternoon, we worked on the clinics inventory.  I mention this because we talked about how to train my palate as well as juicing and nutrition.  Yet again another challenge was issued, and not being one to turn down a challenge, I accepted.  The challenge: juicing.   The goal: 30 days.   We had Chinese for dinner, then hit up the grocery store to buy the vegetables for day one, tomorrow.   All I know at this point is that the day will start off with herbal tea instead of coffee and that the juicing replaces the meals.    This is my first experience with juicing, but I am looking forward to this challenge.

Until next time….


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