Dirty Forking….

There are many crises in the United States and the world for that matter, but as a Chef there are only a few with which I can assist…. namely, Obesity.    Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution attempts to address this national crisis, yet it has been met with some resistance.  The main issues I have been hearing within the schools range from “it’s not what the kids want” to “we can not be the only ones to provide nutritious food.”  One premise of Oliver’s Food Revolution (underline ‘Food Revolution” or replace “of Oliver’s Food Revolution” with “addressed”  is school aged children are not exposed to nutritional education.  All of these are valid points.

But before I continue….

When I began to announce I was planning on becoming a Chef and pursuing a culinary education,  I was challenged by my adopted parents to try and address this very specific problem.   The challenge was thus; if there is a way you to turn the food the kids want into something  healthy .  Challenge accepted.   My adopted mother works in the culinary world for a school district in Oklahoma and realizes firsthand kids will not eat the types of food that the Food Revolution wanted.  The school district attempted a healthy revised lunch for a few years, and in their opinion, it failed.

I think the solution maybe what is known in the aesthetic world as clean eating.  Clean eating is a nutritional program based on the idea that the best way to eat is to abundantly enjoy whole foods or foods as close to their natural state as possible.  Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins instead of pre-packaged, processed foods or fast food. Clean eating is also committed to replacing saturated fats with healthy fats. Many on the plan don’t count calories, but instead trust in good quality food.

It’s not as expensive as it sounds, and often is actually cheaper than running to the local McDonald’s.

As I continue into my culinary career, an attempt will be made to transform some of those meals that I used to eat as a kid into a healthier alternative.

Until next time…..


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