Orientation Day 1 of 2

Orientation day….

ID… check; uniform… check; financial aid… check.  Being told by Chef what he expects of me…. priceless.

Overall, the day was a success.   Spoke a little French, signed some, talked food and expectations.  I was totally surprised at the sizes that I needed for my chef uniform (XXL top and XL pants).  In the civilian world, I wear a L/XL top and L pants.    For at least the first round of classes my class schedule is 1000-1400 ish.   Day two of orientation is the week before classes begin.

However,  it seems that my time on campus will last much longer than that.  Tuesdays through Thursdays I will be on campus till 1700 to possibly be a member of  the competition team.  Wednesday afternoons is the Molecular Gastronomy class and Brewing Lecture.    That being said, I was told to attend the Brewing lecture next wednesday, with my first brew about two weeks later.  The topic for that lecture is H20.

It was recommended that I attend and participate in the Bite of Oregon. There are a few certification tests and culinary competitions on the agenda for the remainder of the year.   The first one being only a week after classes start.  Time to get those volunteer hours in for the scholarship.

On a completely different note….  I am shocked Ja’nel won this years Hell’s Kitchen.   The entire season I was rooting for Jon to win, even though I wasn’t impressed with his run at the pass.


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