Kitchen Forum and Grapefruit Beer

The week in review….   I meant to post a couple blogs this week, but for some reason time flew right by.

I was invited, volun-told really, to  a Kitchen Forum this week. Thai curry and a compressed watermelon salad with a cherry balsamic vinegar were on the menu.   The ingredients used in the Thai curry were:  red curry paste, coconut milk,  potatoes, onions, celery, lemon grass, red bell pepper, chicken and grape seed oil, and of course boiled white rice.   For the compressed watermelon:  watermelon, vanilla bean sugar, a pinch of salt, cherry balsamic vinegar,  mangoes, and fresh mozzarella.  The main purpose of the watermelon salad was plate presentation.   The flavor profiles for both dishes were exemplary, and I was repeatedly asked by one of the housemates,  to make the Thai curry for dinner the following night.   (I took him with me to the kitchen forum.)  I however did not.

As some of you know,  I now live in the Portland area, famous for many things… one of which is its microbreweries.   I was asked what my thoughts were about Grapefruit Beer, and at first I was a bit hesitant, as I expected a tart beer.   I went to McMenamins Grand Lodge to play some disc golf (I lost by 3) and enjoy the amazing weather we have had this past week, when I was introduced to the Grapefruit beer (Ruby).  I was immediately impressed with the lightness and delicate flavor of their beer, so I ordered a second one… just to make sure I liked it :D.    While at McMenamins Grand Lodge, I ordered some Cajun tater tots.   The service left much to be desired, as it took almost 30 mins to receive the food.  The Lodge provided a “natural ketchup.”  Both the tater tots and ketchup were impressive.

Looking forward…  There are two scheduled orientation days before classes start mid-august.  With the start of class, begins the start of the international challenge.    There is a Deaf Night Out slated for next saturday.  I’ve also been researching “clean eating” and molecular gastronomy and will be posting a blog or two on each of those subjects before class starts.

Until next time….



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