I never made it to the Farmers Market yesterday,  ended prepping for a dinner party/get together.  It was really more of a get together than a dinner party, but I was still asked to cook for everyone.  I made some grilled chicken pesto kabobs, pesto fettuccini,  some little smokies, and rice krispy treats for desert, with the occasional adult beverage being served as well.

The ingredient for the Day/Week seems to be basil.  The recipes can be found here.

I have decided to participate in a brewing class offered through the school.  It meets on saturdays at 9am.  I figured I’d give it a try and see if I can brew something extraordinary.  Will it have cinnamon in it?   This puts me in downtown PDX six days a week.

Class and the Challenge both officially start Aug 19th.   A bit of information about the campus…  it is 33,000 square feet of kitchen :D.

This week I definitely will be hitting up two separate farmers markets, wednesday and saturday.  The housemates are a little chicken-ed out, so I dont know what will be on the menu this upcoming week, other than clean eating.

The zucchini bread has to be made…


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