Well I finally made it to Portland.  😀   After numerous delays due to whatever reason, I still managed to arrive on time.

The past two weeks have been filled with numerous firsts and lasts.  Some of the more memorable firsts include being introduced to “the Bucket” at The Rock, a local pdx bar, visiting the campus where I will spend the next two years of my life, and meeting some great locals, and an interesting patisserie chef (“Baker”), whom I’m sure all will eventually make different appearances throughout this blog.  One of the lasts included a Coke.

I closed out the previous chapter of my life on very little sleep and a long wait at the airport, but what can I say… I was ready to GTFO of Oklahoma and begin the next chapter of my life.  It amazed me at how important I became once people learned that  I was moving away  and not looking back.  There are a few from OKC that I will still maintain, at least an attempt, communication with.

I get my uniforms for classes on Aug 1st,  and will be attending school from 1030-1430, Monday thru Friday beginning August 19th.

The ingredient of the week was Lavender, and there was an attempt at a Red Velvet Cupcake.   I plan on hitting up a Farmers Market tomorrow, as it seems that there is one almost every day of  the week it seems, which is great fresh produce whenever I want it.   Baker and I met a few days into my stay here and we bonded, over food, almost instantly.   We made some Lavender Cookies,  but we infused our own sugar with some lavender oil.   We attempted to alter my chocolate cupcakes into red velvet,  a failed attempt.  Too much vinegar?   Not enough red/black food coloring.  We did discover that the red velvet cakes offered at the local Safeway aren’t red velvet cakes at all.  It was a decent attempt, and we think we know where we need to alter the recipe in order to be successful.

Next week there will be an attempt at some zucchini bread and I was asked to make some pesto fettuccine for dinner.


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