The Beringer Great Steak Challenge et al

Well, I was planning on competing in this challenge however, the contest deadline was June 30, 2013. I’m about a week behind schedule. However, I will post my recipes in the newly created recipe section. The contest rules were to create a steak and seafood recipe, the key is that it has to be cooked on a grill. The top three cash prizes were $25,000. The contest website and info can be found on their website. My beef dish was going to be the black garlic and rosemary rub I made few weeks ago. The seafood dish is a salmon fillet with a pomegranate marinade.

The next contest I am looking at participating in is on October 25th. Its Halloween themed food. After that on Nov 16th, I will be volunteering at the ACF Competition in Portland. The idea behind these competition is to prepare myself for the S. Pelligrino Cooking Cup in Venice May 2015. Here is a short youtube clip:


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