Well… academically the next two years of my life are fairly mapped out.  

August 2013:  Food Safety and  Culinary Foundations 1 ( 2 courses)

September 2013:  Foundations 2

November 2013:  Foundations 3

January 2014:   Math and  Interpersonal Comm (2 courses)

February 2014: Baking

April 2014:  English Comp and Nutrition (2 courses)

May 2014:  Cross Culture Cuisine

July 2014: Wine & Beverage / Contemporary Cuisine (2 courses)

August 2014:   Restaurant Rotation

September 2014:   Cost Control and  Hospitality (2 courses)

November 2014:   Catering

January 2015:  Externship

February 2015:   Externship


Im still fighting over a few transfer credit hours, but will keep you posted.   This is the framework for the next two years of this blog.   Each course is approximately six to eight weeks in length. 


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