Costolette di Maiale con Salvia

that’s Pork Chops with Sage for those of us who don’t speak Italiano… (its cool I don’t speak it either)  


Pork chops are a pretty regular occurrence in Italy. They can be cooked in many, many ways.  This recipe is from Jamie Oliver’s wonderful cookbook Jamie’s Italy. In the book he writes ‘I first saw this dish being made in a trattoria in Florence on my first-ever trip to Italy, the young lady who was making it inserted a small paring knife into the side of the chops and moved it from side to side to create a little pocket inside the meat. It was clever, as you couldn’t tell from the outside that this “flavor pocket” was there.’

I made a few significant changes to his recipe.   Some of these changes I had no control over as I wasn’t the one who purchased the ingredients.   Ground sage instead of fresh; new potatoes instead of russet.   I also chose to remove two ingredients from the dish.  In my untrained head, it didn’t make sense adding prosciutto to the “butter” or pancetta with the potatoes.  

A few changes that I will make to this recipe going forward, is first and foremost making sure that the proper ingredients are purchased.   Secondly,  the flavor pocket was great, but I think it should run the whole length of the pork chop; as close to the edge as possible, so there is a flavor in every bite.  

The “butter”  consisted of sage, garlic, butter, and dried apricots.   Sounds a bit odd, but the apricots added some depth to the flavor.   One ingredient that I may add in the future is lemon zest.  



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