Lavender, Black Garlic and Rosemary, and Scrambled Eggs

This morning I attempted to repeat what Chef does in this video …

Not sure what I did wrong, but after two failed attempts of his method, I resorted to the way I was taught.  I did however still add the chives to the mixture, and salt and pepper at the end, and honestly it does make a Je ne sais quoi, or as Chef states in his video, sexy eggs.

Thanks to Savory Spice in OKC (  I think I have fixed the issue to my Lavender Cookies,  Lavender Vanilla Bean Sugar.   The smell of the cookies is more pleasing, and the flavor is exquisite and light.   The only other change is to the temperature, going to do 375 for 8-10 mins.  Still wasnt long enough.  went for a total 12 mins.

Tonight’s menu consists of steak with a black garlic and rosemary rub, oven roasted new potatoes and fresh corn on the cobb and the hors d’oeuvres is a black garlic dip . The only thing that needs to be altered from this dish is the rub…  the 1/2 tsp of black pepper (per steak)  had a bit of a kick… almost too much heat.   The meat was pan seared, but should have been served medium.   The Orkney Skull Splitter I had with dinner was described as ’satiny smooth in the mouth, deceptively light and dangerously drinkable.’  It reminded me of a weaker form of Guiness.    

The aroma of  the black garlic is rather pungent, but has a very manageable taste.   Having never cooked with it,  I found it a very enjoyable spice to work with, but a bit sticky.   All of the herbs and spices I used today were found at Savory Spice.    The staff there is amazing, and a great help.  I look forward to cultivating a working relationship with them over the next few years.  



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